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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how user data is handled by the DogsFlappy game application.

Developer Information

Developer: Starling Diaz

Contact: starlingdiaz70@gmail.com

Website: starlingdiaz.com

Data Collection and Usage

The DogsFlappy game does not access or collect any personal or sensitive user data.

Data Handling Procedures

Since DogsFlappy does not collect any personal or sensitive user data, there are no data handling procedures required.

Data Retention and Deletion

As no user data is collected, there are no data retention or deletion policies required for the DogsFlappy game.

Privacy Policy Labeling

This document is labeled as the "Privacy Policy" and is intended to provide clear and comprehensive information about the data practices of the DogsFlappy game application.

Policy Accessibility

This privacy policy is available on a live URL, publicly accessible, and not geofenced. It cannot be edited.

For any privacy-related queries or issues, please contact us at starlingdiaz70@gmail.com.